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1951                                                                                                                                       2001
THE BEGINNING... Spring 1951
May 19,1959 - The "Windsor Magic Circle" held their first meeting at the Goyeau K of C Hall.

The following officers were elected for the year...
       President - Ron Wilson            Vice-President - Larry Jennings
Librarian - Larry Jennings        Secretary - Maurice Bruce
Treasurer - Leo Renaud            Sgt at Arms - Mike Senkow
Publicity Officer - Bill Craig.
Paul Desjardins and Bob McNea were appointed for the entertainments committee for club nights.
A Constitution and Bi-laws for the club was drafted and approved by the following members:
Ron Wilson, Larry Jennings, Leo Renaud, Mike Senkow,
Paul Desjardins, Bill Craig, Bob McNea and Maurice Bruce.
Minutes as read were approved and accepted. Motioned by Bill Craig Seconded by Mike Senkow.
(Above from minutes recorded by Larry Jennings V.P.)
May 3, 1960 - The Honourable MacKinnon Phillips, M.D.C.M.,LL.D., Provincial Secretary for the Province of Ontario issued a Charter thus incorporating the Windsor Magic Circle as a Corporation.
CHARTERED MEMBERS: Roland Beneteau, Jim Blackwell, Paul Bonell, Maurice Bruce, Bill Craig, Larry Jennings, Leo Renaud, Michael Senkow, Jerry Stencil, Ronald Wilson, Daniel Zinser.
August 18, 1959 - Members of the new 'Windsor Magic Circle' began the process necessary to incorporate the club. Membership cards and booklet of the Constitution and By-Laws were setup.
The New "Windsor Magicians Guild" IBM Ring 116, Windsor Canada,
began to meet 1st Wed. 8 p.m. at 892 Ouellette Ave.
Harold A. Martin - President, Mrs. Ruby Kay - Secretary.
Early members also included Joe Agoston, Paul Bonell, Maurice Bruce, Don Hodgkinson, Mike Senkow, Paul Laframbois, Sid Kibble, Stan Chisholm, Lance Banks, Leo Renaud, Tom Smith and others yet to be uncovered in our plight to discover details of the early history of our club.

After 7 years of affilliation with the IBM, it was decided by the members that it would be best to break away from the International Brotherhood of Magicians and use the local membership fees to create and fully support their own new local club,  "Windsor Magic Circle", which ran very successfully with many magical events to raise monies for the clubs activities and their chartered project, The Wheelchair Fund. Chairs were bought and maintained by the club and provided to anyone in need, for as long as they needed them, for Free. It was a very successful community project that eventually became a burden to the club and all stock was doated to the Red Cross.
New president, Johnny Ould encouraged the club to get reinstated as IBM Ring 116 in the early seventies. We have been active magically now, accumitively, for 50 YEARS (1951-2001).
The club's various shows to raise funds for the Magic Circle Wheel Chair Project, also provided an opportunity to promote the club activities and allow the public access to some great performances by the members.
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Maurice Bruce
Paul Desjardins
Dr. Zina Bennett
Lance Banks
Mrs. Zina Bennett
International Brotherhood of Magicians
"Ring 116"
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The following is a brief history of our club starting with the orginal club of "The Windsor Magicians Guild" and continueing through to our present club...
IBM Ring 116 - the Windsor Magic Circle.
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